Neighbors and their caregivers are my mother’s lifeline. They assist her with everyday tasks. All of the caregivers are very attentive and creative. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with.

- Vicki M

It was very important to have someone at my mother’s house and so involved with her. One of the aides knew that my mother enjoyed soup, and so one day she took it upon herself in her free time to make some homemade delicious soup. I would tell others that the agency employs competent people, are very respectful of everybody's time and privacy, and provide good service.

- Jeanne F

I have some unique needs, and Neighbors has accommodated them. It's nice to see live people three times a day, and they're all extremely professional and nice in their approach, so for somebody who's handicapped it's a great benefit. They have good ladies and employees, and with my incapacity, it gives me somebody to look forward to three times a day to have a chat, fix my meals, and clean up a bit.

- Neal B

I was concerned about getting started, but our caregiver is outstanding. She is so good with my husband. He is always happy to see her. The representative is outstanding. I was hesitant to go in this direction, but this woman is amazing. She goes out of her way.

- Bill and Adele T

It has made my life a lot better, like one-hundred percent better because my caregiver does a lot of things for me. The lady that comes is excellent. I love her, and she does a lot of things for me.

- Robert B

We hired Neighbors NY Queensbury and they're doing great, they're doing everything I asked for. They have a nurse that comes out periodically and we have aides seven days a week, and they're skilled aides, not just companion aides. The people that they have, their staffing, it's outstanding. Their billing is clockwork, we get the bill after every two weeks. We have not had any problems with their scheduling.

- Laura