Assisted Living Care | Free Home Health Care Assessment

When we receive a service inquiry, our first step is to get some general background information about the potential client. Once we have a general idea of the situation, we schedule a free home care assessment. During this meeting, we will discuss the potential client’s lifestyle, medical conditions, and physical and cognitive needs. Then together with the family, we determine the level of assistance needed to help the client remain independent at home.

Our Promise

We understand that determining the type of assistance your loved one needs and who can best help can be a daunting task. Our commitment to you is that if we cannot provide the service you require, we will tell you this at the time of the initial assessment and will refer you to other agencies that better meet your needs.

During the meeting, we fully explain the services available and answer any questions you have. The issues covered during the assessment include:

  • Matching the appropriate caregiver based on needs, personality, and location
  • Discussion of overall health and medication issues
  • Procedures for emergency response should that be necessary
  • Special dietary or nutritional needs
  • Home cleaning issues
  • Transportation needs
  • Cost of services, including financial assistance that may be available