Home Care Fees

Because the service needs of our senior clients vary so much, we offer a variety of care options. The main services are our Companion Service and our Licensed Service. In addition, we offer specialized services such as Respite Service to provide a break for a family caregivers and Day Surgery Support Services for people who need short-term assistance following an outpatient procedure. Call us to explain your needs, and we will try to assist you.

Every client's situation is different.  For that reason, it is difficult for us to quote specific rates.  Please contact the office to schedule a free assessment.  Once we know your needs, we can give you an accurate quote of your service fees.  

Companion Service includes the following services.  Rates depend on the number of hours scheduled weekly.  Note that weekend services will be billed at a higher rate for clients with fewer than 20 hours per week.  

  • Prepare meals and clean-up 
  • Provide medication reminders 
  • Escort clients on walks 
  • Play board games and cards 
  • Water plants / Feed pets 
  • Assist with evening tuck-in 
  • Help with morning wake-up 
  • Alzheimer's care
•  Perform light housekeeping 
•  Do the laundry 
•  Change linens 
•  Shop for groceries 
•  Pick up medication 
•  Drive client to doctor visits 
•  Take client to visit friends, church, etc. 
•  And much more


Personal Assistant/Companion Service is for people who need assistance with activities around the house.  It includes meal preparation, laundry, changing linens, light housekeeping, shopping, help with paperwork, transportation to appointments, and more.  Contact us if you have specific questions about tasks.  Rates for these services depend on the number of hours scheduled per week as well as the service days.  Service on weekends will be charged a somewhat higher rate for clients who have a regular schedule of fewer than 20 hours per week.  

Licensed Service includes all companion services PLUS the services listed below.  Licensed services are performed by certified Personal Care Aides or Home Health Aides.  As with Companion Care  Services, rates depend on the number of hours scheduled weekly.  Weekend services will be billed at a higher rate for clients with fewer than 20 hours per week.  

  • Bathing Assist
  • Transfer Assist
  • Dressing Assist
  • Bedbound Client Assist
  • Lotion Application

Both Licensed and Companion Services usually require a consistent, week-to-week schedule and are offered seven (7) days a week.  Visits must be a minimum of three (3) hours each.

Medication Set-up by a Registered Nurse.  Our staff RNs are available to set up medications for people who need this type of assistance.  The charge for this service is $95.00 per visit.  Ideally, the RNs will set up enough meds to cover 4 weeks. Med set up visits can be made Monday - Friday only.  

House Cleaning.  While we prefer to refer out house cleaning, we do have some staff members who are willing to do this type of work; however, we do not provide supplies or equipment.  Cleaning services are not available on weekends.